You can find us at::

Pulp and Paper Research Institute 

Dúbravská cesta 14

84104, Bratislava 4

Slovenská republika

tel.č.:   +421 911 728611

email: sekretariat@vupc.sk


Parking options in the premises of our new headquarters in Westend Gate on Dúbravská cesta 14 in Bratislava. Parking is located at -1. underground floor. It is necessary to announce that you are going to VÚPC. Colleagues will open a ramp for you. The VÚPC car park is located at the other end of the car park - the numbers of parking spaces are 36-42. You can get to the parking lot according to the red line marked in the attached picture. The entrance gate to the car park is located in the third block (B3).

The shortest walking route is shown by the blue line and the entrance to the building is between block B1 and B2, where you must request an entry card at the reception, they will explain to you at the reception how to get to block B3. After passing through the turnstiles (after attaching the card to the sensors), you will get to the 8th floor by elevators. In the elevator, you also need to attach the card to the sensor and then press the button on the 8th floor. When leaving, the card must be inserted into the hole on the turnstile - it will release you and devour the card.

If necessary - please call mobile phone Mrs. Bombilajovej: 0911728611

1. Entrance through the Westend reception

2. Public transport stop Patrónka