Chemical and Analytical Laboratories:

The work of chemical and analytical laboratories is directed to all areas concerning the production of pulp, paper and board.

Evaluation of the Quality of Pulp, Paper, Board and Products Made from Them

We are providing chemical tests in the meaning of standards STN, CSN, DIN, ISO, EN or other standards.
The main set of analysis is the following:

Final results of the analyses are basis for proving certificates, evaluation of products by side of their corrosion properties, assessment of paper package materials that are in contact with foot in the meaning of Foot Codex of Slovak Republic, etc.

Solution of Problems in the Technology of Pulp, Paper and Board Producing Processes

In the area of pulp production, we provide completed analysis of different wood sorts, input chemicals, we are evaluating the quality of pulp in final technological stage, we analyze pulping and bleach liquors, spent liquors, condensates, bleaching liquors, we investigate the composition of scale in the equipment.
In the area of paper and board production we evaluate chemical processes during additives application, such as starch, sizes, etc.

Monitoring of Waste Waters, and Waste Sludge Analysis

Analyzing waste water and sludge we keep the standard “methods of analytic control of waste”, which was published by Slovak Agency for Life Environment.
We are monitoring the waste water from the point of view of important water indicators (such as NL, COD, BOD5, TOC, IC, TC, TX, AOX, EOX, POX, heavy metals, color, phenols and surfactants).

Balance of Sewage Units, Cleaning of Waste Waters

We work out the final result of waste water monitoring and we work out balances of sewage units of any organization, where each flow of waste water is characterized by side of stock flow and by demanded indicators of pollution.
To make a balance we need to know the overall flow of waste waters, their composition, composition of both partial and mixed streams and program for computer analysis of material balance of the sewage system.
This method is specially appropriate in systems where are not suitable conditions for device stock flows measuring of each flow of the stream system. This method was successfully applied in many pulp and paper mills of Slovak Republic and Czech Republic.
In the area of waste water treatment we test clarification by chemical and biological process.

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